Privacy statement with reference to GDPR


Permission to use personal data:

"By checking the box on the login page of the OBM Optimizer from OBM Solutions B.V. I agree with the fact that this application stores some of my personal data, as this is required for the correct operation of the application. In addition, I can decide whether I decide to enter the non-mandatory information in my profile page and whether I add a photo. I am personally responsible and liable for the content that I enter in the application about the performance of others and I am responsible for the choice of placing content that may contain personally sensitive information.

By placing the check mark in this box I give explicit permission for the use of the data and I accept that otherwise I can not log in to use the application."


About the correct operation of the OBM Optimizer:

For the correct operation of the OBM Optimizer it is important that we know some information about you as a user. Both European legislation (GDPR) and Dutch legislation (AVG) require that we inform you about what we are going to do with that data and that you give explicit permission to use it.

Below you can read what we want to know about you and what happens to your data.

Name: Your name is important for other users so that they know who they work with in a project and who are linked to it as participants. And if you ever want to ask a support question to us as a supplier of this tool, then we will find it politely to address you with your name. If you use this tool in the context of your study (in the educational variant) then we would like to be able to inform you afterwards about the possibility of using the business variant. Even then we would like to address you with your name.

Furthermore, we are not interested in using your name and will also leave it neatly in the database and not resell it to third parties.

Username: This is the unique name under which you are registered in the system. You are automatically assigned this and can change it if you like. A unique name is required for logging into the system and it prevents us from being able to distinguish between two users who are both called "Klaas de Vries".

E-mail address: We use this to ensure that you receive a new password by the system (which no one else can see), but also to be able to send you service and system messages when you are not logged in, for example about upcoming maintenance work. And of course it is also important that other users can send you a message, even if you are not logged in. We NEVER use your e-mail address for e-mail marketing and will never resell this address.


About the non-mandatory information about you as a user:

Telephone number: You can fill in yourself. Handy for other project members to reach you. We will NEVER resell this for sale purposes to telemarketing agencies or other third parties with commercial objectives.

Reinforcers: You can fill in yourself. What do you like to do and / or get? What are things that someone can reward you with? For the correct operation of the OBM methodology, knowing each other's reinforcers is of enormous importance. It can help you get what you want. What do we do with that information? We will add that data to a database with reinforcers, but that is in no way linked to your name. In the future, we will link links with other data on an anonymous basis, so that we get an idea of ​​what people like in organizations and whether this differs per type of organization or branch. For example, we want to be able to advise customers better which types of reinforcers are likely to catch on in certain situations. We want to be able to sell these aggregated data, but not with your name. It is therefore not explicitly the intention that we sell your data so that, for example, an online wine store will spam you with advertising, because you would have entered yourself that you like wine.

Profile picture: You can add yourself. And take away again. It is only used to give you a face as a user, so that other users can distinguish you from someone with the same name.


About the content (content) of the projects:

You will use the OBM Optimizer to improve performance in an organization through the OBM method (business version) or to learn how to do that (educational version).

This means that you may possibly record sensitive information about the ins and outs of your own organization or that of a client. In addition, it is good to realize a few things:

  1. The content is only visible to the persons involved in the project and added as a user or participant to the project by the project owner.
  2. The content can be offered with explicit permission from the project owner to the scientific OBM database of the ADRIBA institute of the VU University Amsterdam. In that case, ensure that the content is stripped of (personal) sensitive information and that it is offered anonymously if desired. Also pay attention to the attachments in which photos of people, logos and / or house style items can be visible. The content of the project then remains technically on a server outside the Free University, namely on a secure server of the hosting provider of OBM Solutions.


About deleting your profile data:

You are the master of your own data. You decide if and when your profile will be deleted. You can do this very easily via the "Delete my account" button on your profile page. This of course means that after that you can no longer use the application. This also ensures that your name as a user in online conversations is automatically anonymous to 'Anonymous user x'. The 'x' is then an ascending number that will reflect the maximum number of deleted users from the moment you removed your profile. The texts of, for example, compliments that you have given differently are kept, but the other person no longer sees the compliment.

Incidentally, it may be that your basic profile (name, e-mail address) has been created by someone outside of OBM Solutions. The OBM Optimizer can be used by third parties (eg your employer, a supplier or educational institution) under license. It seems like you log into an application from your employer, supplier or educational institution (furthermore referred to as an account holder), because the application has been cast in the corporate identity of the organization in question. In reality it is still the same OBM Optimizer from OBM Solutions, which runs on a server of the hosting provider of OBM Solutions. The account holder can appoint an administrator (admin) who has the right to create Users independently. And these Users, as project owners, have rights to invite others to participate in one or more projects. For this purpose they create a basic profile and a mail message goes to the customer user / participant that they can log in. Perhaps this happened to you too. If you do not want to, do not tick the box in the login screen. If you wanted it first, but (for whatever reason) no longer later, use the "Delete my account" button to delete your profile. You can then no longer use the application.


About getting support and access to your data:

You may not fully understand how something works in the OBM Optimizer or you might encounter a bug. In that case you want support. When you ask via the Support button, information is also sent on the technical configuration of your computer: The exact version of your operating system and your browser. This is necessary to be able to simulate your situation as well as possible in order to identify problems. This information is recorded in order to be able to improve future versions of the software. Another purpose does not have this information and will only be stored in the application itself.

Another possibility to get support is to ask OBM Solutions to log in as you, so that you can see how you see the application. This can sometimes be useful to better understand each other where things go wrong. This does not happen by taking over your computer, but simply by logging in within OBM Solutions with your profile. There is only one person who can and is allowed and that is the SuperAdmin from OBM Solutions. And he has signed a confidentiality agreement.


About your payment details:

Some users pay OBM Solutions via iDeal. Obviously payment details are used in this transaction. For the processing of the transaction, payment provider Mollie is used. See to read which data they use from you. This data also ends up in the payment confirmation that OBM Solutions receives. That confirmation is again used to automatically make an invoice for you. This invoice is also automatically sent to the online accounting system of the external administration office of OBM Solutions. Only the most necessary data for compliance with statutory and fiscal requirements for sound business operations are processed and stored.


About recording data about your use of the application:

In order to optimize the operation of the OBM Optimizer and to give you a user experience that is as pleasant as possible, we store some usage data about you. They are largely on the secure server of the OBM Solutions hosting provider. The only thing that can be retrieved via the application is:

  1. Whether you have ever logged in;
  2. When you last logged in;
  3. Whether you are online (this is visible by a green ball next to your name that is visible to others in all projects you have been added to as a user).

This information is especially useful for other users to know if it makes sense to send you a message via the OBM Optimizer or to invite them to a live video chat.

In addition, it can be useful to determine what a favorable time to do updates where the application is temporarily unreachable. We want as few people as possible to suffer from such an action. From the data described above, we may be able to distil this favorable moment.